Roos Meerman

As a designer, I am focused on material and technology development. In my laboratory I make machines, to examine how I can develop production methods that are controlled by natural phenomena, invisible to the eye. Research starts with all kinds of material tests: dipping, heating, melting, stretching, crushing or freezing of a material. In this way I try to transform the characteristics and the inherent tendency of the material to elicit a certain shape. My goal is to control the material, but in such a way that the material preserves its freedom of movement, so that the end result is always unique.
With the project Canorgraphy I make, by means of the sound waves that are produced by speakers, the invisible phenomenon sound visible by printing on textiles in different ways. A scarf is the result of a rhythm, vibration and gravity. In Aera Fabrica I use heat and air to blow up 3D-printed shapes. I use the final stage of the 3D-printing process as a starting point for new shapes.